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Web Of Lies

By Laura OConnell


High school sweethearts Stephanie and Lachlan are torn apart by circumstance, bad decisions and a web of lies leaving an unknown future for their son, Ryan. Eight years later they reconnect, but the time apart has changed them. The family had made decisions based on lies and deceit and now must find a way to either reveal the truth or live with their mistakes. On the surface their arrangements seem flawless, but dig deeper, and the truth is not as it appears. Lachlan and Stephanie are forced to confront the consequences of their actions and the entire family is compelled to reveal the truth, find forgiveness, and renew loving one another. But the hardest decision is still to come.

Book Takeaway:

We sometimes tell lies to protect the ones we love, but when the truth is revealed years later, it can have major impact that can seem irreconcilable.

Why the author wrote this book:

When I was in my teens and becoming more aware of the world around me, I found young women were leaving town and return six months later sad and reserved. I wanted to know where they'd been and what they had done. I found one young woman who confided in me. She'd been in Brisbane to have her baby and had it adopted out. There was no welfare in those days, so adoption was the only option available to these young women. I began to wonder what if a relative took the child into their care unbeknown to them. Web Of Lies was inspired from these thoughts.


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