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The Scent of Cherry Blossoms

By Cindy Woodsmall


Love between a Mennonite woman and an Amish man threatens the lifelong relationship between two brothers. And two families.

Annie is a young Old Order Mennonite woman whose grandfather co-owns a restaurant with the Zooks, an Old Order Amish family. Romance between the Mennonites and Amish is unacceptable. Inappropriate. Forbidden. But it seems that Annie and Aden have denied their feelings for each other for as long as they can tolerate.

If her grandfather needs to move away with Annie to keep the two apart, he’ll do so, but without him the Zooks will lose their ability to have electricity in the restaurant. Without electricity, the law will require the place be shut down.

Is heartache all that’s ahead for the Amish family when Annie steals one man’s heart, leaving the wheelchair-bound twin without his caretaker?


"I couldn't put it down until I discovered what would happen and how it might end. Cindy Woodsmall is my favorite for Amish fiction and she has entertained and surprised me once again."
- Margaret on February 22, 2013

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