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Savanna's Gift

By Camille Eide


Forced to return to the ski lodge where she once worked, Savanna Holt is reminded of one special Christmas and how ambition led her to make the worst mistake of her life: Leaving Luke Nelson.

Stunned to discover Luke never left, but worked his way up from lift operator to manager, Savanna sees the opportunity as a gift from God. She’s determined to win Luke back. But Luke wants no reminders of his past hurt, or a relationship with the woman who put ambition before love.

Can Savanna convince Luke she’s changed and her interest isn't because of his position? And when her dream job beckons, will she sacrifice her dream for a second chance at love?

Book Takeaway:

1. Truth can be painful, but sometimes the truth is needed to allow forgiveness and healing to begin.

2. Knowing how to use God’s gifts can sometimes be confusing. But when we submit to His plan, He guides us and helps us in using them, sometimes bringing opportunity for blessings we never imagined possible, as in this case, the restoration of lost love.


Year Title Description
2011 Genesis, Women's Fiction First Place Winner
2009 Zondervan First Novel Competition Novel Contest Finalist (top 3)

Why the author wrote this book:

At times in my own life, my choices have hurt those I love most. I wanted to tell a story about a woman who has lost the love of her life due to her fearful, foolish choices. I have found that truth brings healing, and surrender (to God) brings freedom from the things that bind us. I wanted tell the story of someone finding hope as a result of repentance, the kind of hope available to us all. I love a great love story with a happy ending, one that addresses the value of a person's flawed but noble character. I hope Savanna's story will inspire the hope of second chances in you as it did me.


"What a story of love lost and found. And characters and setting so real, you can smell the cinnamon rolls. Well done. A delightful story."
- Linda on December 06, 2011

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