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I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires

By Cathy Gohlke


The bonds linking family and the lines separating enemies become blurred for seventeen-year-old Robert when the cousin he loves begs him to aid her father, a Confederate prisoner of war, then travel south to help her care for his estranged mother.
Unwittingly entangled in a prison escape, left for dead and charged as a spy, Robert must forge his anger and shame into a renewed determination to rescue his family. When confronted by an enemy and a war he no longer understands, Robert finds that the rescue, and its results, may not be up to him.
Honor and duty to God and country aren't as clear-cut as he'd first believed.

Book Takeaway:

Surrender of our lives and agendas to God is not defeat, but the path to victorious, abundant life.


Year Title Description
2009 Christy Award Young Adult
2009 ACFW Book of the Year Award Long Historical

Why the author wrote this book:

This is a Civil War sequel to Robert's adventures of helping slaves escape on the Underground Railroad. I wanted to explore the many sides to questions of love, duty, and loyalty, and show that no matter how confusing our lives may become, God can make clear our priorities when we surrender our lives and agendas to Him. That is the path to true victory.


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