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The Story in the Stars (Gateway to Gannah #1)

By Yvonne Anderson


Ancient Gannah was well on the way to taking over the whole galaxy, until the people of Karkar engineered a virus that stopped them in their tracks. Now, eight centuries later, the plague has struck again. When the League of Planets receives the distress signal, Karkar-born doctor Pik is ordered to find a cure, despite his hatred of the whole Gannahan race. By the time he arrives on Gannah, it’s almost too late; Dassa is the only survivor. And she has a mission of her own.

Dassa and Pik survive a pirate attack, unsafe starcraft, food poisoning, vicious beasts, and a plane crash. But the hardest part is enduring one another’s company. The Creator who wrote the story of redemption in the stars has commanded her to share it with her reluctant savior. That’s not all He expects of her, but the rest is unthinkable.

Book Takeaway:

The universal authority of God.


Year Title Description
2012 ACFW Carol Awards Finalist

Why the author wrote this book:

Some years back, a little nonfiction book captured my imagination: The Gospel in the Stars, written in 1882 by Joseph A. Seiss, republished in 1972. It presented intriguing ideas, but the language was archaic and hard to follow. If only someone would write a story incorporating those concepts, something that would interest a modern reader… So I did.


"A great read! Yvonne writes with brilliant imagery and makes Gannah so real you can smell the fresh air. In addition to an inspiring message, the story is just plain fun."
- Susan on May 23, 2011

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