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White Pearls

By Shannon Taylor Vannatter


Shell doesn’t have a good reputation…

But no matter what everyone in Rose Bud, Arkansas, thinks of her, she’s back in town with a job to do. She’ll stick it out and make the best of things. But why does Ryler have to be the landscaper on this project? She was just getting her heart under control.

Ryler has his own reasons for being in Rose Bud, and they don’t include Shell. Spying on his birth family was going to be hard enough. He doesn’t have time to worry about a woman who dumped him…even if his heart says otherwise.

But God’s love can change even the hardest heart. In the light of His presence, even the darkest past can be overcome. They may not know it, but the people of Rose Bud are about the change!

Book Takeaway:

Jesus can heal broken hearts and broken pasts.

Why the author wrote this book:

Shell was mentioned in the first book of the series, White Roses. I wanted to explore what made her what she is. Ryler's story wraps up the Kroft family's presence in the series.


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