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Somewhere to Belong

By Judith Miller


When Berta Schumacher’s parents inform her that Main Amana is going to be their new home, she is certain that her life is over. Accustomed to the bright lights of Chicago, Berta doesn’t know if she can adapt to life in the devout village. Johanna Ilg has spent most of her life in Main Amana, but she sometimes wonders what it would be like to live somewhere else. Given the job of instructing Berta on her new duties in the kitchen, Johanna has her hands full with the headstrong newcomer, who is determined to find a way to return to her real home in Chicago. Johanna had always believed her roots were in Main Amana, but after she stumbles across a family secret, she begins to wonder exactly where she does belong. Richly imbued with fascinating details about life in the Amana colonies, the first addition to Miller’s new Daughters of Amana series is a quietly compelling tale of faith and friendship.


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