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Disaster Status

By Candace Calvert


Charge nurse Erin Quinn escaped personal turmoil to work at the peaceful California coast. But when a hazardous material spill places Pacific Mercy Hospital on disaster status and stresses staff, she’s put to the test. And thrown into conflict with the fire department’s handsome incident commander who thinks her strategy is out of line.

Fire Captain Scott McKenna has felt the toxic effects of tragedy; he’s learned to go strictly by the book to advance his career, heal his family, and protect his wounded heart. When he’s forced to team with the passionately determined ER charge nurse, sparks fly. As they work to save lives, can they handle the attraction kindled between them . . . without getting burned?

Book Takeaway:

If we don't face our past wounds, heal them, they can forever damage our lives--God wants to help us.

Why the author wrote this book:

Continuing my effort to "inject" the much-needed element of faith into medical drama, I offer further glimpses into the lives of heroes in medicine, rescue and law enforcement . . . and into their hearts and souls as well. In these challenging times, I think its especially important to put a face on the caring individuals who dedicate their lives to protecting our health and safety.


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