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Lily of the Field

By Rose Ross Zediker


Caroline is a worrier....She can't help it. Her husband died and left her with little money and less survival skills. Her son thinks the choices she's made since then prove her foolish. And every time an opportunity starts to look good, something else makes her second guess her involvement and back off. Why wouldn't she worry? She can't depend on anyone else to help her out.

Rodney has always thought life was pretty good-at least until a heart attack laid him out flat. Retired now from his hectic ad executive lifstyle, he begins to realize he wasn't much more than a workaholic. Family relationships are strained; he has no friends to speak of, certainly no wife or family of his own.

Marriage isn't on either of their minds...but their minds are not God's and He is busy taking care of the lilies of the field-and His children.


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