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Of Flame & Frost

By AJ Skelly


Aspen Frost has fallen from grace. Once among the upper echelons of popularity at Magik Prep Academy, a terrifying event at a party leaves a nasty rumor in its wake and thrusts her into social isolation.

Cole Raiden is an unusual hybrid of phoenix and fire-drake. And out of control. When a disastrous accident leaves him devastated and unable to control his inner flames, Magik Prep Academy is his last hope to regain any chance of a normal life. Ostracized because of his genes and his touch that reduces everything to ash, Cole seeks refuge in his loneliness.

But when bullies find them both, Aspen and Cole reach for the same piece of magic, then find themselves plummeting through time, landing at the beginnings of Magik Prep Academy.

War is on the horizon. If Aspen and Cole can't find a way back home, they'll be caught in a fight that could decimate their future. Cole and Aspen must learn to trust each other, and trust themselves, if they have any hope of reaching their own time again.

Book Takeaway:

Differences and supposed weaknesses can become great strengths when we work together.

Why the author wrote this book:

In a different age, I was a high school English teacher. Students talked to me, often about hard things. I wanted to create a place for those students where they could find hope, be seen, and learn to take pride in themselves as God made them, even when they didn't see those things about themselves. Of Flame & Frost deals with some hard topics like bullying, saying no, and finding grace and acceptance for oneself and each other. It also provides a look at healthy romance, as that is something most of my students wanted to read, and needed to see. Set in a magical academy, Of Flame & Frost offers a safe space for young adult readers (and those who are still young at heart) to explore these themes.


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