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Interview with Tracy Higley

Tracy Higley loves exploring other worlds between the covers of a book. With each of her own novels, she wants to open a door like the one in the wardrobe of Narnia, and invite readers to be transported with her into a place that captivates. She also loves real-life travel, and is blessed to be able to do a lot of it while conducting research for her books, which take place in the ancient past. It is her hope that readers will enjoy those adventures with her, while also meeting the Redeeming God who is sovereign over the entire drama of human history.

Tracy, after visiting your website, I feel as if I’ve been on an exciting journey! I’m impressed by the extensive travel you’ve done. Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Turkey…you do get around, don’t you? ☺ Of all the wonderful places you’ve visited, all the amazing sights you’ve seen, which was your favorite and why?

Thanks, Delia! Yes, I’ve been so blessed to travel and research, and have loved every single trip I’ve taken. I’d have to say that after visiting twice, Egypt is still my favorite. I love the desert, the ruins, the lovely Arabic people, the pyramids and tombs, the Nile…I could go on! I hope to return there, and to set another book in Egypt someday.

You mention “Ron” in your web journals, so I’m assuming this is your husband? Do you have children, and do they travel with you, as well?
Yes, Ron is my fantastic husband, who sacrifices so much and supports me like crazy in the writing journey. I also have four children, ages 9-19. My oldest daughter traveled with me to Italy, to research Pompeii, but other than that they haven’t started traveling with me yet.

What a blessing to have such a supportive family! When you’re not traveling, what is your writing day like?
I try to get to writing–whether that’s research, rough drafting or editing–first thing in the morning when I’m energetic and motivated. I go as long as I can, until I run out of steam! Then it’s on to other things, the business of writing and of life.

Your May release, Garden of Madness, sounds absolutely fascinating. What inspired this story about a fictional daughter of King Nebuchadnezzar?
Garden of Madness began with simple curiosity on my part–where would Babylon have stashed King Nebuchadnezzar during his seven years of madness? Was it possible he was confined in the very Hanging Gardens he had built for his wife? From there, the story of his daughter, the Princess Tia, unfolded. I wanted to see Babylon through the eyes of a tough, determined young woman who is beginning to question everything she’s ever known to be true.

Well, your curiosity obviously bears wonderful fruit! ☺ Your stories are set in ancient times—“Bible days” is the way most of us would describe it. Other than that clearly biblical timeframe, however…how do your faith and spiritual life play into the picture and affect your storytelling?
Whether I’m telling a story set in ancient history or yesterday, I believe that it’s all part of The One True Story. We need to be encouraged that our lives have purpose, that we have a role in the Story that is still playing out every day around us. There is an enemy and a battle to fight. It’s my prayer that the smaller stories I create will encourage readers in the stories of their own lives.

So, so true—and a noble endeavor, as well. Is there a “greatest moment” in your writing/publishing career so far? Tell us about that.
Lots of them, really! Learning about awards that my books have been nominated for, getting those phone calls from my agent that a book has been contracted. Smaller “great moments” of simply finishing a manuscript or seeing it in print for the first time. It’s hard to choose!

What’s next for you? Can you share what you’re working on now?
I am just finishing up the first draft of my next book, So Shines the Night. It’s set in first-century Ephesus, a city that was at the center of the pagan worship of Artemis, but also a thriving church of new believers in the Messiah. With Paul there to lead them, you can imagine the tough situations they get into! But it’s also a love story about a woman who is afraid to live and a man who is afraid to forget.

Definitely sounds like a story I could really get “into”! ☺ Please fill in the blanks: If I could be a part of any time in Bible history, I’d like to live during the life of Moses because I’d love to experience Egypt in all its ancient glory.

Where can readers find you on the web?
I’d love for readers to stop by, to explore my photo travel journals, read chapters of my books, and connect with me!

Thanks for sharing with us, Tracy! It’s been a pleasure.
Thank you!

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