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Interview with Patricia Bradley

Patricia Bradley is celebrating the release of another edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense, and she joins us today to share not only the story behind the story, but also a peek into her other passions.

Welcome, Patricia. What message do you hope readers take away from your newest release?
That it’s not our pedigree that determines our character, but who we are in Christ.

What literary pilgrimages have you taken? What was your favorite and what did you discover or learn?
I’ve never thought about taking a literary journey…but while I was in Israel with seven friends, we went to Caesarea where the apostle Paul boarded a ship to Rome. It was surreal to stand where he had possibly stood. From there we went to Capernaum where Peter lived. To know I walked where Jesus walked with Peter filled me with such inspiration.

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
A little of both, but it isn’t a conscious effort for either. I have a story to tell, and it seems readers like the way I tell it.

What have you learned from writing a series? Will Standoff be a standalone or become part of a series?
I’ve learned to keep a bible of characters with ages, descriptions, family connections, high school and college graduations years. Standoff is the first of four books featuring Natchez Trace Park Rangers. Each book will take a character from the previous book and feature their story.

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?
Buying my Macbook Pro and putting Scrivener on it. Both make writing easier. Note I didn’t say easy.

What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?
Research is one reason I love writing. For Standoff, I made several trips to Natchez, exploring the area, getting a feel for the people and places. Natchez has many unique restaurants, and I especially enjoyed trying them out. I totally got lost in the historical places—one time literally. I had found a perfect place to bury a body, but I needed to know how to get to it. The National Park Service Ranger gave me directions…of course, I went straight where I should have turned left…five miles on a one-lane road later I finally found a place to turn around.

What did you edit OUT of this book?
I’m a very lean writer and this is the first book I’ve ever had to cut. It went over 100,000 words and on the final edit, I cut about 6,000 words. I edited out scenes from the villain’s point-of-view. The rest I just tightened.

Is writing part-time or full-time for you? If you didn’t write, what would you do for work to replace that?
I write full-time. If I didn’t write full-time, I would work at the non-profit I helped to start. We teach sexual risk avoidance and teen pregnancy prevention classes in schools. I would also work more in my pottery room.

If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do?
I would make better choices! However, I didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer. I was a reader. I didn’t get the writing bug until I was an adult. Many of the mistakes I’ve made and the emotional tension that result show up in the books I write.

How do your faith and spiritual walk play out in your novels?
I write from a Christian world-view and I want readers to know that Christians have problems just like everyone. Most of the time my characters have to come to the end of themselves before they look to God for the way to resolve their problems.

Finish this statement: In the future, I will…not procrastinate starting my book! Sometimes I’m working ten hours a day to finish a book…

Any parting words?
Thanks for featuring me on the ACFW website and Fiction Finder! And if anyone reading this wants to be a writer, go for it! But develop a thick skin first and be sure to learn the craft of writing. I won’t tell you to learn patience…that comes with the territory.


Tiffany Amber Stockton has been crafting and embellishing stories since childhood, when she was accused of having an active imagination and a flair for the dramatic. Today, she has honed those skills to become an award-winning author and speaker who works in the health & wellness and personal development industries, helping others become their best from the inside out. She lives with her husband and fellow author, Stuart Vaughn Stockton, in Colorado. They have a daughter and son, and a Shiba Inu-mix named Nova. She has sold over 20 books so far, three of which have won annual reader's choice awards. She is represented by Tamela Murray of the Steve Laube Agency.

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