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Interview with Margaret Daley

One word captures Margaret Daley—Amazing . She has sold over 84 books, served as president for ACFW, teaches at writer's conferences, does online writer workshops and mentors other writers. She's active in her church and community and has been married to her hubby, Mike for over forty years. She is Mom to one son and grandmother to four granddaughters. Please welcome Margaret Daley!

Margaret, thank you for sharing with us today. You have written for both the secular market and the Christian market. How is the Christian market different and what are some of the reasons you've made it your writing home?
I didn't know it, but for years before I wrote for the Christian market, God was pointing me in that direction. I love telling stories where I don't have to put in a love scene—where I can concentrate on the characters and plot. I love giving people hope and showing how people live their faith.

And how do your faith and spiritual life play into the picture and affect your storytelling?
Over the years as I've written Christian fiction, I've found my own faith deepening and for that I'm so thankful. I hope to help others see the benefits to believing in the Lord through my stories or for a spiritual message I'm writing in my story help another deal with a problem.

If you knew then (when you started writing) what you know now, what, if anything, would you have done differently?
Not resisted the Lord's nudging to write for the Christian market. There are some career choices I would have made differently in hindsight, but I did learn from them so maybe it was a good thing.

Reflecting back, what do you see as most significant to your publication journey?
When I sold my first Christian romance in 2000.

Who/What spurs you to write? Where do your story and character ideas come from?
That's easy—the Lord. He continually amazes me when I hit a brick wall in a story and turn it over to him. He always comes up with a solution. My character and story ideas come from observing people and life around me. Sometimes I'm not even sure how I come up with different aspects

Book number 81, your latest release, Severed Trust, is a romantic suspense. If this book were to be a movie, whom would you cast as the heroine? The hero? Tell us a little about their personalities.
Sadie (Keira Knightley) has struggled to make it where she is now and to overcome some poor choices she made as a young woman. She is caring and wants to help others. She finds teaching gives her that chance to influence young people.

Ethan (Tom Welling) is dedicated to his job but has become world weary. He returns to his hometown to help his family while seeking more in his life.

What was the most interesting comment you've received from a reader?
When readers write to tell me my story has helped them with a problem they had, that my words have touched them.

Lastly, would you give us, your readers and fellow writers, a glimpse into a day with Margaret Daley as she works on a current project?
After I get up and have my first cup of tea, I answer emails, then start writing whatever story I'm working on. I take breaks throughout the day, but often work until six. In the evening, I use that time to do promotional activities. I have a word count I need to reach in a week. I've been known to write almost every day when under deadline.

Any parting words?
If you're a writer, keep writing. Persistence is important to a writer.

Thanks for sharing with us, Margaret!

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