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Interview with Lynette Eason

With 29 titles to her name, Lynette Eason is well known in the Christian publishing world. A Carol Award winner, she makes her home with her husband and two children in Greenville, SC.

No One to Trust is your 29th release, and you only began publishing in 2008. That’s pretty amazing! When do you find time to sleep?
Sleep? What’s that??

Describe your “big break,” the moment when you knew your dream as a writer was going to become reality.
On February 16th, 2007, Krista Stoever, who was with the Love Inspired Suspense line at the time, called to tell me she wanted to buy my book, which came to be titled Lethal Deception. It released in February 2008. It was a really surreal moment. I was teaching at the local Deaf school in Spartanburg, SC and saw the 212 area code on my phone and knew immediately it was New York. I grabbed my phone, told my assistant I’d be right back and ran outside to answer THE CALL. Grin.

How do you weave your faith into romantic suspense stories?
My faith is such a natural part of my life, it’s not something I have to really work to put into the stories. I do evaluate my character’s faith and where he or she stands with God, their spiritual background and current beliefs and then try to make it sound as natural as possible when I write that element. I also want to avoid being “preachy”. I don’t think “preachy” characters are necessary to get the point across.

Have you included friends or family members in your stories? Where do your story and character ideas come from?
I actually try not to make any of my characters sound like family or friends. I might use some characteristics of a certain person I know, but I’d never base a full-fledged character on someone close to me. That might come back to haunt me! LOL. I get ideas from everywhere. Seriously, I can find a story in just about anything. I see stories in the newspaper, on the news, from other books, television shows, movies, a comment someone makes while we’re having dinner, etc. Everything is a story—or can be made into one. Grin.

What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?
I like to think it’s just my natural raw talent…lol. Just kidding. I’m not really sure I know the answer to that. Maybe it’s that I start all of my books with action. I drop my characters right into trouble from page one. I think that grabs readers attention and has them hanging on for the duration of the story. I don’t have a lot of “downtime” in my books. I tend to keep the action going. I’m scared to death I’ll bore my readers so I just don’t give them a chance to breathe until that final page. Ha.

We all hear about living a balanced life. Tell us what you do for fun and to relax.
I love to travel. I hate to fly, but I do it for the payoff. LOL. I’m always looking for new places to go. I play raquetball with my husband and son, go shopping with my daughter, hang out with other family members or just go off by myself for the day. I love to read, too!

Best books you’ve read in the last 6 months?
Lisa Gardner – Touch & Go and Catch Me
Lee Child – Never Go Dark
Brandilyn Collins – Dark Justice
Dee Henderson – Unspoken
James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge – All of the Michael Bennett books (thank you Kristen Heitzman!)
Lysa Terkeurst – Made to Crave
Randy Alcorn – Heaven
Terri Blackstock – Truth Stained Lies

And so on!

Finish this statement: If I owned an ice cream shop, I would …
…have to sell it because that would be the equivalent of putting an alcoholic in charge of a liquor store.

Any parting words?
I love to connect with readers. If you would like to sign up for my newsletter, please visit my website at, find me on Facebook and like my page at and follow me on Twitter at @lynetteeason.

Thanks for sharing with us, Lynette!

THANK YOU for having me!

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