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Interview with Cynthia Roemer

As a farmer’s wife, Cynthia Roemer knows all about growing plants—from preparing the soil to praying for rain. She wants her words to be seeds capable of growing hope in the lives of her readers. Although Cynthia loves to write, she also sees her talent as a gift from God to be used for His glory. Under Moonlit Skies is the third and final book in her Prairie Sky Series. In her interview, she shares about her start in writing, her research process, and gives us a brief glimpse of her next project.

Congratulations on your upcoming book! Looking back, what do you see as most significant to your publication journey?
Thanks so much, Jody! The most significant aspect is God’s faithfulness, how He took a young girl’s dream and brought it to fruition. It has truly been a wonderful learning experience, and I’m humbled and grateful to each person who has taken time to walk with me through this journey, written a review, or encouraged my heart in some way.

Your book is set in the pre-Civil War Midwest. What drew you to write about that time and place?
Well, I’m born and raised a Midwesterner, so I wrote about the part of the country I know best. =) I’ve always been old-fashioned at heart. I grew up watching “Little House on the Prairie” and visiting New Salem State Park, home to Abraham Lincoln just before his rise into politics. I love the simplicity of the times period, when God was honored, families were close-knit, and neighbors helped each other. There is an endearing quality about nineteenth-century America that just pulls me in.

You said that you see inspirational writing like planting seeds, have you ever seen or heard of specific fruit from your writing?
No specific instances, but I’ve had numerous readers share how much they’ve been encouraged in their faith through my novels or blog posts. There is no greater reward than to know the Lord has touched a reader’s heart through something I’ve written.

Under Moonlit Skies contains a plotline about an illegal slave-trade operation, is that based on an actual event?
While it isn’t based on an actual event, my research shows similar occurrences did happen. Freedom was a delicate matter for African Americans living in the late 1850’s. Northern states required free blacks to possess costly freedom papers, their only proof to verify they weren’t slaves. The Ohio River alone separated Cincinnati, Ohio (where a portion of my novel takes place) from the slave state of Kentucky. The area was rife with tension during the pre-Civil War era and freedom was lost and gained on a frequent basis.

What is your researching process?
I completed a great deal of research of the 1800’s while writing my first novel, Under This Same Sky. In college, I was required to complete 300 hours of work related to my Major (English/ Creative Writing), so I petitioned for permission to research/write a historical novel, and my request was granted. Nowadays, I do a lot of my research as I write. Right now, I’m working on plotting my fourth novel set during and after the Civil War, so I’ve checked out a number of books from the local library and am jotting down notes and soaking in all I can. =)

How do you choose names for your characters?
Basically, I dwell on the type of person my character is, scroll through popular names of that time period, and choose one that suits them. Sometimes the perfect name just pops into my head!

What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?
I’ve been told I have a way of making my characters come to life and putting the reader right into the story. I love creating characters that readers can identify and learn from. My characters aren’t perfect, and I think readers enjoy growing right along with them. I also do my best to weave a lot of spiritual truths into the framework of my novels, not in an in-your-face sort of way, but subtly and in a practical sense.

Where do your story and character ideas come from?
My head. LOL! More importantly, the Lord is the guiding force behind what I write. I may create the characters, but I rely on Him to develop them and draw out the message He wants conveyed.

This is the last book in your trilogy, are you working on another project?
Yes, I’m working on what at this point appears to be a standalone novel set during the latter part of the Civil War and the months immediately following. The story is still in the developmental stages, but involves a wounded Union soldier and a southern belle with a sympathetic heart that leads her on an unexpected journey.


Jody Stinson believes every story deserves a happy ending—even if she has to write one herself. After an international upbringing, she continues to travel whenever she can. Her goal is to take her readers somewhere new, make them smile, and give them hope through Christ. She currently writes freelance including articles, devotionals, commercials, and even a client's wedding toast.

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