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Interview with Christine Lindsay

This award-winning author is not shy when it comes to telling people about her love of the Lord and her desire to share Him with her readers. Please welcome Christine Lindsay.

Christine, I read your moving story of giving up your daughter to adoption and being reunited with her many years later. The most significant point that touched me was how she was the muse for your writing. Can you tell us how that experience has influenced your writing?
Two years before I met my wonderful husband, I had become pregnant and relinquished my first child to adoption. That crushed me, but it was best for my baby at the time, as I wanted her to have a loving dad as well as a loving mom. God was so good to me though, and I believe I have seen an aspect to His love for us in losing a child in this manner. A year after the relinquishment the Lord sent me my sweet husband and gave us our three children.

Then twenty years later my birth-daughter, Sarah, and I were reunited. That was wonderful and yet terrible at the same time.

Adoption reunions are not easy for anyone in the adoption triad. After the reunion I began to relive my original loss of Sarah. It just hurt so much. She was my child and yet she was not my child.

A few months after meeting Sarah, my husband caught me crying on our living room couch one day. He slipped out and returned a while later with a brand new pen and journal. He placed these items into my hands and said, “Here, write it.”

That was the start. My journaling eventually turned into books as the years passed. But always beneath anything that I write, is the understanding of loss and loneliness, heartbreak, and the healing and joy that only God can bring.

Your latest book, Captured by Moonlight, releases this month. Congratulations! Can you tell us where the idea for the story and characters came from?
Laine Harkness and Eshana are 2 characters from my book Shadowed in Silk, which is Book 1 of this series. Both these women are so full of life that they demanded I write their story.

Laine is a nurse in the Queen Alexandra Military Nursing Corp serving in India and also in Europe during the First World War. Eshana is the former child Hindu widow who became a Christian.

In Book 1, Eshana was such a blessing to the main character, but I always wanted to show more of Eshana’s background and family. So I had to take her back to the south of India and have her captured by her uncle.

As for Laine, I liked her so much and wanted her to have the romance that she deserved. So in this book, both of these women are captured by their respective pasts---Eshana by her Hindu relatives, and Laine by her former love.

What’s your biggest challenge in balancing writing time with your other responsibilities?
While it is important to be faithful to this calling to write, it is also important that I make time for people. I pray each morning that the Lord will arrange my schedule. If there is a neighbor He wants me to spend time with instead of writing, then that is where I must obey. His scheduling must always come first.

And how do your faith and spiritual life play into the picture and affect your storytelling?
There would be no storytelling without my faith and spiritual life. What I learn in my devotional time, at the feet of Jesus, is what determines the themes and scriptural truth of my stories.

For example while writing Captured by Moonlight I was learning about the depths of total surrender to God’s will no matter what. So often even the good works that we do for the Lord can take precedence over our love for Him.

In Captured by Moonlight, Eshana is once again dressed in the funeral garb of a Hindu widow and imprisoned. This breaks her heart because she was so sure God wanted her to run the little medical mission where she lived. But Eshana learns—like I am learning—that though we die to ourselves, it is Jesus who lives His life through us, and that is more glorious than we could ever imagine.

What do you consider the greatest moment of your writing/publishing career?
It happened a few months ago when in my prayer time the Lord used my own book to encourage me with its spiritual lesson. And it was the lesson that Eshana learned—to die to myself, that Christ may live through me.

What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?
Being born in Northern Ireland has given me a distinctive voice, and a good grasp of all the dialects in the British Isles, as well as an understanding of that mentality. Which I guess is why I love to write stories set in Britain or in British colonies such as India used to be.

Any parting words?
I pray every day for my readers that the Lord will speak to their hearts between the lines of my novels. But I would love to hear back from my readers. It’s always fun to meet new friends. My email address is on my contact page on my website. Drop by and say hi.

And remember, Captured by Moonlight comes out first as an Ebook on Feb. 15, and in printed paperback on May 15. Here is a peek at the novel's book trailer:

Thanks for sharing with us, Christine!

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