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Interview With Cecelia Dowdy

SW: Tell us a little about yourself - married/single, children, how many books authored, etc.

CD: I'm married and I'm expecting my first child on August 6, 2005 (at least that's the date the doctor gave me, anyway). I've authored two books: First Mates (just released in February 2005) and Someone for Toni (part of Crossings Book Club Promises To Keep anthology, released January 2002.)

SW: How did you become interested in writing?

CD: I was bored during my lunch break one day, so I started a novel. I've been writing ever since.

SW: Do you write full-time? If yes, can you give us a glimpse into your daily writing life? If not, what is your day job?

CD: Currently, writing is my part-time job. Full-time, I'm an accountant for a non-profit educational company.

SW: What genre speaks to you the most - both in reading and in writing?

CD: Romance.

SW: What was your biggest obstacle in regards to writing and/or getting published? How did you overcome it?

CD: Getting rejected! I just prayed and kept trying. I also joined a critique group, which helped immensely, and asked other writers for advice whenever I could.

SW: What has been the highest moment of your writing career?

CD: Receiving the contract for my first novel!

SW: Who/what is your inspiration to write?

CD: This is a hard question to answer. I love writing, and couldn't imagine giving it up! My love of the genre inspires me to keep at it and never give up!

SW: Where do your story ideas come from?

CD: Everywhere! I usually use topics that interest me. Like in my first novel, the heroine owns a bakery, and I love to bake sweet treats in my spare time. In my second novel, the couple meets on a cruise ship, and I've been on three cruises in my life and I've enjoyed every one of them!

SW: Are you a seat-of-the-pants writer, or do you plot extensively before your fingers ever hit the keyboard?

CD: Hmm. I'm not really a SOTP writer. I do some extensive character sketches and rough plotting before I begin my story, although, I tend to think that I don't plot as extensively as other writers.

SW: I'm notorious for *snacking* while I write! Do you have any favorite munchies you wouldn't mind us knowing about?

CD: Sourpatch Kids candies! I keep a large jar of those on my desk! They're not too fattening, and I love that sour, tangy taste on my tongue! Yum!

SW: What's the nicest thing anyone ever said about your writing?

CD: One time, somebody wrote to me and said that my book helped them to find the Lord! I was really honored and touched to hear such a huge compliment!

SW: Who is your favorite character in your books, and how did you come up with that character?

CD: I kind of like Winston, in my second novel. I base his alcohol addiction on some relatives of mine who suffer from the same problem. He demonstrates that we can overcome addictions and learn to lean on Jesus Christ instead.

SW: How do you deal with publisher rejections?

CD: I used to be full of anger and angst for days over a rejection, but those days are long gone. I just read them once or twice and then file them away. I try not to let the rejections get to me very much, and I've pretty much learned to accept that rejection is just part of being a writer.

SW: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

CD: Writing fiction...full time!

SW: If you could give a beginner one piece of advice what would it be?

CD: Never give up. If you enjoy writing, give it your best shot and keep working at it!

SW: Cecelia, thank you so much for a delightful, informative interview! I didn't know you before, but now I feel like I've bumped into a long-lost friend! Best wishes with your new baby AND your new release!

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