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Harry Lee Kraus

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Harry is a practicing surgeon and medical missionary with Africa Inland Mission who writes both fiction and non-fiction. His fiction is characterized by a signature of medical realism. He has been living in Kenya since 2003 reaching out to the Somali people by loving them with good medical care. When on furlough, he can be found in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He and his wife Kris have three sons. Mostly, Harry is a victim of GRACE!

His novel, "The Chairman" was a finalist for the Christy Award for suspense category in 2000.
His novel, "Could I Have This Dance?" was the number one CBA bestseller in the contemporary category for all Christian bookstores for 2002.
His novel, "Perfect" was an ACFW Book of the Year finalist in the suspense category in 2009.

Books by Author

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Lethal Mercy

Was it medicine? Mercy? Or murder? For the sake of his conscience, Jake has to find out-before a paranoid stalker exacts his revenge. When pregnant Sarah Hampton dies suddenly at an alternative cancer treatment facility, an enraged community demands to know whether her physician-husband assisted her…

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Salty Like Blood

David Conners, M.D., is on the fast track to creating a perfect life when his seven-year-old daughter disappears. David's all-consuming quest to find her -- dead or alive -- threatens to destroy everything he has left: his medical practice, his marriage, his integrity, and even his soul. If Rachel is…

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Fated Genes

How far will some people go in the name of science? Fated Genes is a gripping story that raises serious spiritual and ethical questions. Brad Forrest is a young, overworked pediatric surgeon who risks losing everything-including his wife and young son-to obtain the career opportunity of his dreams.…

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Wendi Stratford has the perfect life, including her perfect job as an accident reconstructionist. The problem is, it’s all a sham, and Wendi is tired of the emptiness. But after her plan to escape ends in a horrible accident, Wendi probes the wreckage—and makes a frightening discovery. Someone is…

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Stainless Steal Hearts

Surgical resident Matt Stone has uncovered a heinous secret, and the truth must come out-even if it costs him his medical career. Real-life surgeon Harry Kraus skillfully weaves together politics, bioethics, and hidden agendas in this compelling medical thriller. Matt Stone, a promising young surgical…

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All I'll Ever Need

The grueling past months finally seem about to blossom into a happy future together for Dr. Claire McCall and her fiancé, John Cerelli. But their wedding plans are interrupted by circumstances so devastating they threaten everything Claire holds dear: her medical career, her relationship with John,…

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For The Rest Of My Life

The riveting, emotional sequel to the best-selling Could I Have This Dance? Claire McCall, M.D., is haunted by the question: Does she have the gene for Huntington’s Disease, the disease that disabled her father? This exciting sequel picks up with Claire moving back to Stoney Creek to work as a family…

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Nobody in Serenity, North Carolina, knows that Adam Tyson is dead. Nobody except his former physician's assistant who has assumed his identity. Serenity was to be a fresh start and the fulfillment of a vow made years ago. Being a doctor there is supposed to be a quiet, non-descript job. But it is in…

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Could I Have This Dance?

You can’t dance this dance unless it’s in your blood. Claire McCall is praying it’s not in hers. Claire McCall is used to fighting back against the odds. Hard work, aptitude, and sheer determination have helped her rise from adverse circumstances to an internship in one of the nation’s most…

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The Chairman

Something is wrong in Fisher's Retreat. And police officer Nathan McAllister is caught in the middle without a clue how he got there. He knows one thing for certain-his life will never be the same. He no longer has a job. His wife Abby has become distant and uncaring. And his entire world now revolves…

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The Stain

In this fast-paced novel by Harry Lee Kraus, M.D., we are introduced to a high-tech researcher, a caring doctor, and a dying young woman. All bear the wounds of darkness. At what cost comes the cure?

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