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W Richard Lawrence

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W. Richard Lawrence comes to the writing table with a different background than many authors. He grew up in a military family, which meant he moved a lot. He spent nine years in Germany and three in Hawaii, plus lived in nine different states on the mainland, most of them along the east coast. By the time he was seventeen, he'd lived in seventeen different places. As an adult he joined the Army where he worked as a technician. After his enlistment was up he went to the University of Colorado where he studied Electrical Engineering and also met the woman of his dreams. It was during this time that he gave his life to Christ. After twenty years working in the high-tech world of integrated circuits, he left the engineering field for new opportunities.

He now lives in northern Colorado with his wife, Debbie, who works as his sounding board and editor. Debbie and Richard both have backgrounds in electrical engineering and together have written 12 award winning science books. They also ran a science supply company for several years. After "Answers in Geneses" started publishing their science books, they shut down their business. That's when Richard began writing high-tech novels filled with distrust, deceit, murder, treachery, faith, love and at times, the ultimate sacrifice.
Richard’s background has given him a unique perspective on life, which comes across in his writings.

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Deadly Infiltration (Agents in His Service, Book 2)

From the author of "Fatal Transaction" In the 1980’s there were 8 Islamic terrorist attacks of note around the world, fewer than one a year. In the 1990’s there were 31 attacks. Between 2000 and 2010 that number grew to over 180. In 2015 alone there were over 117 such attacks. More than…

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Fatal Transaction

The debut of a stunning new voice in fiction. A novel of shocking delight. Sara, a computer programmer, is forced by the evil Ulrich Levy to develop a scheme to steal millions of dollars from credit card companies. But when she decides to take the money for herself, she begins down a road of distrust,…

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