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April K. McGowan

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April, her husband, two children, and her ‘mews’, Spookers, live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When she’s not writing, homeschooling her kids, or playing board games, you might find her at her drum kit, imagining she’s on a world tour. Hey, it could happen! To read other short stories, find out about her latest novel, Jasmine, and to keep up with April in general, follow her blog at

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Hold the Light

Amber spent her life adapting—first to being abandoned by her birth mother as a toddler, and then to the death of her adoptive father in her teen years. Now she’s moved past all that, loving life as an independent woman: she has a job as an art instructor and the perfect apartment. But when a routine…

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Independent...or Alone? Macy longed for independence her whole life. Maybe marrying Arthur to escape her home hadn t been the best plan, but it seemed good enough at the time. Now, pregnant and abandoned in a diner far from anyone she knows, Macy must start life all over again. Relying on the mercy…

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She survived her past but how can she face it? Jasmine is a survivor. She's lived through the abuse of her father, running away at age fourteen, living on the streets, and now she counsels at risk young women giving them a second chance at life. But when her mother dies, can she go home again and face…

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