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Linda W. Rooks

Author Bio:

In her debut suspense thriller, Pieces of Dark, Pieces of Light, Linda W. Rooks dives into a futuristic world of international politics and time travel where adventure and mystery reign, but hope remains king. She is an award-winning author, and over one hundred of her writings have appeared in publications across the U.S. She has appeared in many TV, radio, and podcast interviews across North America. Linda has a degree in creative writing from San Francisco State University and lives in Central Florida with her husband. She has two daughters and five grandchildren.

Books by Author

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Pieces of Dark, Pieces of Light

FORGOTTEN DANGERS. FAMILY SECRETS. AN UNKNOWN FATE. When weapons of mass destruction are discovered in the country of Tajikistan and terrorist threats begin to surface, U.S. diplomat Janssen LaMarche is tapped as the one person who can avert an international crisis. It’s 2052, and WMD have been seemingly…

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