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Brian Shotton

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Brian Shotton thought he was going to be an architect, but color-blindness and the sage advice of Dr. Jiménez guided him to a post-graduate literary degree. There, Mr. Shotton specialized in Old English and Middle English literature. His translation of Beowulf and thesis on battle-language remain dear to his heart.

Out of university, he had the great pleasure to work for DK Books and BradyGames when they still had an office in Indianapolis. There he wrote and edited and managed books for World of Warcraft, Diablo, Pokemon, and the UFC.

It was also where he met his good friend Keith Lowe and started a board game company. The dungeon crawling and hobby miniature kind, not the Monopoly and Clue kind. Mr. Shotton was lead designer and primary writer for eight games. Together, Keith and Brian found great success. One of their board games, MYTH, was selected by Popular Mechanics as one of the fifteen best in 2014. Mr. Shotton was nominated but not selected for the BGG Designer Hall of Fame in 2016.

In the realm of board games, Brian has written three massive world-building tomes, fifteen short stories, and many dozens of shorter game-centered quests.

Mr. Shotton still lives in Indianapolis with his wife. They have two grown kids. When he isn't writing, he meets with a group of men, including fellow author and dear friend Greg Kishbaugh, who call themselves The Illiterati. The reading group discuss literature from all of the world and even rip apart some of their own musings.

GRACEWORKS, his first non-fiction book, was written at the same time as SOJOURNER, the first book in the Song of the Sword series. MENDICANT was finished two years later in 2020. The third book in the SONG OF THE SWORD series, EXILE, was finished in 2021. Mr. Shotton is currently hunched over his east-facing kitchen table, sun fully on his face, writing book four--PILGRIM.

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Gone for three years, Scott returns home to find Aurora in decay. A curse has descended on the small Kentucky town. Someone is convincing the young to take their own lives, and with each suicide the death-cycle grows stronger, entangling all it touches. Scott and Father Stan must find the source of…

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In the shadows of New Orleans, evil hunts children. And Dee, a one-time Voodoo princess, has discovered why. There is a dark connection between the missing boys and the church. It is a connection only the Scion can sever, but Scott’s powers are failing him and he’s running out of time. Now, he races…

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After his parents divorced and everything he had known had fallen away, it didn't matter if Scott felt he was made for more, he ran. And a terrible purpose pursued him. Now, his only hope is to find connection and community. Can an alcoholic surrogate father, a well-past-his-prime priest, and a brazen…

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