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S. C. Easley

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By her late forties, S. C. Easley discovered the power of spoken and written words. Through scripture, she began to encounter Jesus and visit His Father’s kingdom that has come near. Although writings of such experiences are evident in scripture, S. C. recognized how soul wounds prevent many hearts from literally seeking His Lord’s face. Jesus is S. C.’s Savior and friend. She believes through His sacrifice, His resurrected Holy Spirit encounters our spirit and leads us to the Father. Meeting us where we are, S. C. combines her passion for genealogy research, DNA testing, and Kingdom mysteries to write symbolic fiction for those with childlike faith who desire to elevate their spiritual understanding and seek a relationship with our Creator. S. C. Easley lives in the Houston, Texas area, with her husband and two children.

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P. W. Stone and the Missing Kingdoms / A High Fantasy Adventure Novel

Sometimes the planets and stars do align. Enter the Kingdom Realms, where the unseen is seen, and battles must be won... On the verge of succumbing to a life of isolation, a quirky, misunderstood teen discovers her identity as an heir to an abandoned kingdom. After a solar eclipse, she travels to a…

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