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Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha

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Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha wrote her first unpublished novel at the age of six and has been writing poems, scripts, short stories, and songs since then. She has written six children’s books to date and hopes to write more books before her hyperactive muses grow up. She wears many caps but her favourite is God-Chaser.

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A Visit to Grandma and Grandpa

Grandpa Ernest visits Eze and his twin sister Ebele in Lagos. He has an eye operation, and even though Eze wants to help by putting eye drops in Grandpa’s eye, he is not allowed to. Ebele entertains Grandpa with her ballet dance and exercise moves. The twins enjoy the stories Grandpa tells them about…

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Kitty Stops Being Afraid

Kitty Kat is a little kitten who is afraid of nearly everything including mice. Strong winds, sudden noise, and shadows make Kitty afraid. She is so afraid that she often stays awake while her family sleeps. Her brother Tabby is strong, bold, and fearless. Kitty asks Tabby to tell her why he is so bold…

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Whose Favourite Am I?

Olu is the middle child in his family. He often feels unloved and left out and is convinced his brother is his daddy's favourite child. He also believes his sister Funmi is his mother's favourite child. Olu tries to win his parents' love and become their favourite child. Olu's parents tell him they…

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Erased Reproach - A Beyond the Trial Novella

Funke craved acceptance from her peers. She finally got it. She naively believed all she was told and taught about social life and being a big girl...that was till she got pregnant. Exiled from home and living under the close watch of her grandmother, can Funke summon the courage to complete her education…

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Rude Awakening - A Beyond the Trial Novella

Afam and Nkechi Emecheta have been married for over a decade. They are planning to go on holiday with their three sons when disaster strikes. Afam is killed in a road traffic accident throwing Nkechi into early widowhood and grief that she is unprepared for. Nkechi expects her husband’s family to…

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Shadows from the Past: A Beyond the Trial novella

A family’s past is haunting its members in Shadows From the Past and it is Ada’s responsibility to help her siblings overcome the consequences of their past experience of domestic violence before it destroys their present. In Shadows from the Past, Ada's childhood experiences trouble her present…

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