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Laura Ashwood

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Laura Ashwood is a USA Today Bestselling author of sweet contemporary and historical western romance, and women's fiction. She and her husband live in northeast Minnesota. She has a full time day job as an executive administrative assistant, and in her spare time, she likes to read, cook and spend time with her husband. She is a devoted grandmother and chihuahua lover.

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A Bride for Levi

Having lost the only person she had left in the world, Sarah Clark is utterly alone. Her sister’s dying wish was for Sarah to take her place as a proxy bride. But Sarah isn’t so sure that she can go through with deceiving her sister’s would-be husband and his family…especially when she begins…

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A Groom for Ruby

Ruby Fulton has had a tough life, and it isn’t getting any easier after her husband dies. Suffering under his abuse for years, all Ruby wants is independence, peace and a new chance at life. She is barely scraping by herself, and now she’s responsible for one of Last Chance’s orphaned children.…

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An Agent for Clarissa

Clarissa Ferguson craves a life of adventure. The last thing she wants is to become a socialite and marry a curmudgeon to appease her mother. When she sees an advertisement for female Pinkerton Agents, she leaves on the next available train to Denver Colorado. What she doesn't expect is to meet a handsome…

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