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May Tomlin

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May Tomlin was born in Brooklyn, New York to Norwegian parents. When her family returned to Norway she roamed its seashore and for the sake of peace learned to regale her seven younger siblings with stories. After getting a BA in Education she worked in French-speaking countries in Africa and Central Europe. May currently enjoys the lush greenery of Tennesee while writing romantic fiction that delves into unresolved matters of the heart. Drawing from her own experience she sprinkles her novels with international travel and glimpses into foreign cultures. When not busy concocting stories she wears other hats such as artist, mother and grandmother. This summer upon acquiring a standard poodle pup she added the title of "budding dog trainer" to her eclectic resume.

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Hidden Wings

LaRae Gunther suspects she is wingless. Instead of soaring on the wings of destiny, she escapes her small-town life and domineering mother by attending college in Chicago. LaRaeā€™s wild dream of becoming an artist gets shaken when a tragedy occurs. When a rugged, Norwegian grad student named Lars becomes…

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