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Adrienne Thorne

Author Bio:

Adrienne Thorne is an avid lover of young adult stories and has been writing them since her preteen days. After graduating from Franciscan University with B.A.s in communication arts and theology, she delved into the world of professional screenwriting. But recently, she's taken a brief break from the soul-crushing rejection of Hollywood to return to her first love, YA novels. Adrienne lives in the Seattle area with her wonderful husband and growing number of small children.

Books by Author

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Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby

Geeky writing prodigy Sydney Camden has always dreamed about finding true love. When she ends up dating Josh Simpson, king of her Catholic high school, it seems too good to be true. And it is: It ends in rapeā€”and the accidental death of the drunken rapist. As Sydney begins spiraling into the safe…

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