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RD Palmer

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Mr. Palmer, before his retirement, was a Solution Manager, working for one of the largest software companies in the world. Before this, Mr. Palmer worked for one of the largest computer hardware companies in the world, and he worked in numerous countries in South and North America as well as Asia, implementing various software solutions. Also, Mr. Palmer wrote software for robots. Mr. Palmer is a proponent of technology, but like others wants to bring the possible threat of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to people’s attention. He lives with his loving wife of 30 years, Mary, in Wisconsin.

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The One

An Epic Adventure of Good versus Evil. A juxtaposition, dystopian novel of terror, hope, and faith. Written for the Christian market, this novel will inspire you. You’ll cheer the heroes in the face of war and death, and your heart will dip and rise on the roller-coaster ride of their romances and…

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