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Nick George Giannaras

Author Bio:

Nick G. Giannaras is the first practicing chiropractor in his family. He resides in North Carolina where he is active in his church, Deliverance Christian Center. He enjoys his great family amid numerous hobbies such as tabletop wargames, creating music, painting, hunting, and fishing. He was also a Civil War reenactor for 15 years. He first began ministering through writing in 2005. Nick views his books as "entertainment with a message" and prays they will reach the world with a positive impact for those who jump into his words.

Books by Author

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Birthright (Obsidian Cross)

As an infant, Niklas's family escaped death when the entire royal bloodline of Livonia was murdered. As an adult, Niklas joined the Teutonic Knights in their bloody crusades across Europe to spread God's Word. After years of service, he discovers that the army he faithfully served has ill-intentioned…

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