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Meg D. Gonzalez

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Who knew that one night of salsa dancing could change the course of a life?

When Meg accepted Alan Gonzalez’s offer of a dance, she began on a journey that pulled her out of her sheltered life and into a big and beautiful world. Living in Mexico for a year showed her a whole new side of the country she’s only seen depicted in cartoons or on the news. The rich culture and varied landscape captured her imagination, and she just knew she had to share.

Meg sold her first book at the ripe old age of six. It was complete with crayon illustrations. She’s been writing ever since. She’s honored to write for young adults because it allows her try on a fun, witty voice, explore faith and the world from fresh eyes, and assure young adults that they are not alone in the trails and struggles they so often face.

She travels every chance she gets—some of her favorite places include Berlin, Rome, and Playa del Carmen (where Alan later proposed!). The list of places she wants to visit just keeps on growing. She’s jumped out of planes, zip-lined over the ocean, and tottered across a high-ropes course in the red wood forest.

Meg loves sipping tea and the occasional peppermint mocha frapuccino. When the weather’s nice—and you never know in Indiana—she loves to take long walks while chatting with her hubby or listening to a good audiobook. On chilly days you can find her curled up on the couch with her pug, Pascal, to reading a good book or working on her next novel.

Books by Author

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Sketchy Tacos

Mila’s summer in Mexico is going to be perfect. She has a plan. If only life would stick to it.After facing everything from a flash flood to Moctezuma’s revenge, from a romantic date for two to a gaggle of snide girls, teenage artist Mila Gulick finds the biggest challenge comes from the war within…

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