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Emma Carrie

Author Bio:

During the day, Emma Carrie enjoys amusement parks, basketball, and movies—ripsticking may someday join that list. At night, she's a superhero who reads minds, manipulates time, and shifts least in her dreams.

Emma writes YA speculative fiction with a dash of Christian suspense. She's explored an active coal mine, fired a Gatling gun from a Humvee, and examined chromosomes with a scanning electron microscope. She's also hitched a ride in a corporate jet and wiped on stage while modeling.

She loves quirky characters who are driven by unconquerable determination—the encouragement she hopes readers take from her stories.

Books by Author

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Tangled (The Tacket Secret) (Volume 2)

Break a promise. Save a life. Jessie Tacket second-guesses her new adoption by Detective Victoria Tacket. Jessie believes the rogue general hunting her plans to recapture his prized teen assassin and force her to work for him again. He’ll kill anyone who gets in his way, including the detective. When…

Book Image

Out of the Shadows (The Tacket Secret) (Volume 1)

Haunted by a past she didn't choose. Desperate for a future she can redeem. Three years ago, teen assassin Emily Brelin escaped the rogue general who trained her. She fled across the globe to Golden City, New York, where she met a professor who offered a new start. The professor adopted her and kept…

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