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Angela Beach Silverthorne

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Angela Beach-Silverthorne is the co-author of the award-winning novel, Depression Cookies, and the author of a poetry book, Promises Seeded Inside. Her latest endeavor has been a Christian contemporary, suspense series on spiritual warfare. Cries of Innocence was released in 2015, Cries of Grace (2017), and Cries of Mercy (2018). Angela and her husband live in Virginia Beach, VA with their Boston terrier, Miss Lillie. They are the parents of three daughters and have nine grandchildren who often beg her to tell them "one more story."

Books by Author

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Cries of Innocence (Volume 1)

In the small coastal community of Silverton, an evil presence resides. Over time most residents have grown numb to its insidious and subtle presence. A few have resisted. Seventeen-year-old Bren has lived a life of abuse, discrimination, and exclusion. She blames her father, the town drunk, for every…

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Cries of Grace (Cries Series) (Volume 2)

Bren’s grandmother said to guard your heart and forgive. How far does God’s grace truly reach? The Haven has enjoyed five years of peace after a brutal demonic assault. The land has flourished. People have moved on, reaping a treasure house of blessings and getting comfortable and complacent. Bren…

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Cries of Mercy

Can love endure all things? Is love powerful enough to withstand a full-on assault of the heart? How can love recover from an unimaginable horror? When Joseph and Bren's idyllic dreams begin to shatter, questions too deep to answer rise. Dark, unholy secrets surface. A forgotten darkness filters through…

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