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Christa Kinde

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Head in the clouds. Feet on the ground. Heart in the story. Christa Kinde is a cheerful homebody whose imagination takes her new places with every passing day. Making her home between misty mornings and brimming bookshelves in Southern California, she keeps her lively family close and her trusty laptop closer. Christa has been writing for more than a decade. The angel-filled Threshold Series [Zonderkidz] is her first foray into fiction. Christa also publishes family-friendly fantasy under her maiden name, C. J. Milbrandt.

Books by Author

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The Three

In the Chronicles of the Kings, there are stories of a band of elite warriors. But before their daring feats became legendary, David’s mighty men were teenage boys serving an upstart king. Few knew that eight of them share a secret. They’re the forsaken sons of fallen angels. Benaiah toils in the…

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The Garden Gate (Threshold Series, Book 4)

The Pomeroys pull together in the aftermath of the storm that shook West Edinton—-and Prissie’s faith-—to its very foundations. Letting go proves difficult, and holding on takes all of her courage. With the encouragement of a brother who’s in on her secret, Prissie finds her feet. With the help…

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The Broken Window (Threshold Series)

In this third installment of Christa Kinde’s Threshold Series, Prissie Pomeroy sheds much of her naiveté as her hometown is shaken by an invisible war. Angels and demons clash in this supernatural adventure for readers aged eleven and up. Jedrick can’t say for sure if Prissie met the members of…

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The Hidden Deep (Threshold Series)

Homework, football, apple pies, and … angels? Harvest time is in full swing when Prissie Pomeroy learns that something terrible happened in her family’s orchard―making it hard to focus on school, especially when her best friends are distant and Ransom won’t leave her alone. As she meets other…

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The Blue Door (Threshold Series)

ZonderKidz launches an exciting supernatural series for kids 11 and up. The Blue Door, the first book in The Threshold Series, introduces Prissie Pomeroy, a teen who discovers she can see what others cannot: angels all around. Even more startling is the surprising secret she uncovers about people she…

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