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Center Point

By Nancy J. Farrier


Glenna Mitchell is done. With her horrible life. With the mistakes she made. And with her lying husband. How could he say they’d been married all these years when that other woman has a marriage certificate listing him as her husband—dated before Glenna even met him. He might say it wasn’t true, but who should she believe? Jeffrey Mitchell is ready to fight. To get his life back. To find out the truth. And to have Glenna, the love of his life, back by his side. But the evidence is against him. What that woman says can’t be true. Can it?

When Jeffrey has a bicycle accident and is unable to care for himself, Glenna reluctantly agrees to bring him back to their house and care for him. As Glenna and Jeffrey spend time together, she realizes maybe she jumped to conclusions. She might need to give him a second chance. Might even still love him. Jeffrey has to take things slow when all he wants to do is grab Glenna and hold her tight—except his arms, with the cast and sling, are like T-rex appendages.

When Glenna’s job takes a stalkerish turn after she finds discrepancies in the company’s books, she and Jeffrey are pulled into a conflict between the company owner, the FBI, and a hired killer. Will they find a solution before the worst happens? Will their love be rekindled, perhaps stronger than before? Are the other woman’s claims false?


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