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The Body Electrocution

By Marissa Shrock


The summer of 1988 is possibly one of love, and that’s the problem. Aspiring journalist Bobbi Sue Baxter has feelings for a man who’s engaged. But then again, he seems to return the vibe. Adding more mud to the already unclear waters, his fiancée might be involved in a murder that happened in the building where Bobbi Sue was taking an aerobics class. So should Bobbi Sue get involved?

That’s a definite yes.

Not with Hemi Miller—the flutters-in-the-stomach producing guy—but with the investigation of his fiancée, who screamed at Hemi’s ex-girlfriend to stay away. Because that ex-girlfriend wound up electrocuted in the community center locker room the next day.

So Bobbi Sue starts asking questions. What she discovers is a tapestry of intrigue—a secret love decades past, the supposed ghost of a custodian that stalks the community center halls, and a motive for murder that neither Bobbi Sue nor anyone else in town saw coming.

Return to Wildcat Springs, Indiana, for a Bobbi Sue Baxter tale even more riveting than the first!

Book Takeaway:

The truth always matters.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because I enjoy the escape of reading light-hearted mysteries with humor and a touch of romance. This book also has some 1980s nostalgia.


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