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Yellowstone Yondering

By Kristen Joy Wilks


When a free-spirited wildlife photographer loses her Scottish terrier in a herd of bison, she sets out to rescue her furbaby before he is devoured. But will she succeed when Yellowstone National Park is chock full of boiling, bubbling, and rampaging hazards (both mammalian and geographical) -- not to mention a rule-obsessed park ranger whose many rescues thwart her efforts to find her poor pup?

They say opposites attract, and when it comes to Kayla Dineen and Ranger Alexander Brandt, no two people have ever been more opposed...or attractive. Old Faithful isn't the only thing making noise at Yellowstone this season.

Book Takeaway:

I wrote about the way God finds us where we are at and then goes from there, giving us grace, making us a new creation. God works both in the hero's life as he is strong and cautious and careful to follow the rules and the heroine's life as she has decided to leave a destructive path, finds the strength to choose God and finds new life in Christ.

Why the author wrote this book:

First, I wanted to make readers laugh. Second, in Pure Amore titles, one character must have chosen sexual abstinence. For this book, I made that character the guy and actually found that it is far harder to write this way. It's interesting how God asks for this from both men and women, but our culture makes it seem like a girl's choice when it is simply a godly choice for both genders. It stretched me as a writer and I hope that my girl character who overcomes her difficult past to become a new creation in Christ and my guy who uses his strength to honor God and choose sexual purity will inspire readers that yes, God loves them so so much regardless of their mistakes and yes, He can give them the strength to choose Him in every aspect of their lives!


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