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Breaking Point

By Marji Laine


Alynne's Stone's planned out and predictable life ended when she hurried to her mother's side to support her during a family tragedy. So why would she now have a target on her back? Her father’s death had nothing to do with her, but suddenly she's having these “accidents”? How can she stay and support her mom when someone is intent on eliminating her?

Police Lieutenant Jason Danvers believes her father was murdered. How, he can't fathom, but he also can't ignore the details that don't add up. Attempts on Alynne’s life must be somehow connected. Still dealing with the pain of his own wife's death, he can’t allow an innocent woman to die on his watch. Especially one as scintillating as Alynne Stone.

Even in a small town, people aren't always what they appear to be.

Book Takeaway:

How big is our God?
The heroine deals with the guilt of poor judgment and willful actions that she knew were wrong. She felt she had to fix the issues, but her solutions just led to more problems. Ultimately, she has to realize that God is bigger than her sin, and more powerful than her guilt.

Why the author wrote this book:

This was actually my very first completed book years and years ago. It stemmed from a dream - a glimpse of a stormy setting with a woman trapped on the roof of her house while a man searched for her. Then he realized her hiding place. The terror that she felt as she watched this preditor approach begged to be written, and the scene built into a full book - one that would never see the light of day as it was. It was my training book on which I learned the craft of writing. It also stimulated three other stories. The first of my Heath's Point series, COUNTER POINT was the second book I completed. So while BREAKING POINT was my first completed manuscript, the project endured four full rewrites - start-overs with new situations, motives, and antagonists. Only the hero and heroine along with the main setting remained through them all.


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