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Whatever is True

By Pamela S Meyers


Bullfighter and ranch hand Clint Palmer yearns for a family of his own and desires a relationship with barrel racer Lacy Roberts, a fellow ranch employee. But what would she want in a guy who was abandoned by his father and has a mother who is an alcoholic? If he’s ever going to be seen in a different light by Lacy, he needs greater financial security than what a ranch-hand position provides.

Lacy’s parents have scorned her ever since she opted for ranch life rather than pursuing a business career. She’s attracted to Clint, who has shown enough interest in her that she reveals a secret about her past—only to be rejected by him. She’s about to move on when Clint learns a secret related to his own life that changes everything.

Book Takeaway:

In life, we may experience abandonment, but if we have God n our life, we are never really abandoned because we have His presence with us at all times.

Why the author wrote this book:

My books are more romance with a dose of women's fiction. In real life, people experience issues and often carry a lot of emotional baggage around as they age. Whatever is True touches on issues of abandonment and rejection. It is my prayer that readers who struggle with these issues will find hope that can only come through the grace of God.


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