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Shelter Bay

By Pamela S Meyers


Adventure girl, Maureen Quinn, knows she isn’t cut out to be a bookkeeper for the town’s undertaker. Wearing her new bloomers, she suffers a bicycle accident and her long-time crush, Preston Stevens, comes to her rescue.. It isn’t long before they become inseparable and she’s sure he’s the man God has for her.

Preston yearns to see the world. What better person to do that with than Maureen? After being expelled from Yale, because of a prank, his dad has issued an ultimatum: Enlist in the military or work at the family business. He joins the U.S. Life Saving Service, reasoning the time spent on the shores of Lake Michigan, keeping people safe, is far better than the alternative. After his two-year stint, he intends to travel the world before settling down. But it isn’t long before life-altering events occur affecting both his and Maureen’s lives forever.

Book Takeaway:

You may think you know where your life is going, but when God steps in, you might be totally surprised.

Why the author wrote this book:

Shelter Bay is Book 2 in my Newport of the West series, which is set in my hometown of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It's 20 years after the events of Safe Refuge. I knew the story would revolve arouond Maureen Quinn the 22-year-old daughter of Anna and Rory Quinn. Although she strongly resembles her beautiful mother in looks, she is not like Anna in other ways. I call her Adventure girl for a reason. She wants to spread her wings and fly off to the world and all it has to offer. And Preston Stevens, her best friend since childhood and partner is mischievousness growing up, is the perfect man to join her in llife. They both have a lot to learn and as the story developed I learned a lot too.

By 1893, the Geneva Lake's shoreline was populated with many summer "cottages" of the wealthy from Chicago and as a result the boatbuilding business in the area was booming. Steam yachts were the best way to get from home to the village of Lake Geneva and to other estates on the lake. These boats have a fascinating history and many were eventually converted to gas engines, Some still ply the waters as privately-owned boats or excursion boats. I hope the strong inclusion of them in the story will entice many of my readers to come to Lake Geneva and see the refurbished steam yachts that are available for charter and tour rides. I love my home area and its rich history so much. I hope my readers will too after reading my books.


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