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Love Will Find a Way

By Pamela S. Meyers


Mix a little intrigue, mystery, and romance
with the flavor of the Lake Geneva area
for one delectable read!

April Love has always wanted a place of her own to launch her dream catering business of Lovin’ Spoonfuls. But she had no idea that Kitty, her eccentric, well-meaning aunt, would buy her the turn-of-the-century Canoga Lake house she admired from the outside, until she saw the psychedelic decorating nightmare it was on the inside.

While redecorating, April and her handsome hunk boyfriend, Marc Thorne, discover a narrow room hidden between two closet walls—and a young girl’s faded diary and ledger from the 1930s. What they reveal are more secrets about the old house than April’s ready for. Worse, every time she goes into the house, she has an eerie feeling something sinister is about to happen. Then she starts to hear noises, like someone is walking around upstairs….

“Enough secrets, romance, and plot twists to keep even the mystery aficionado guessing whodunnit.”
S. Dionne Moore, multipublished author, ACFW Carol Award Finalist, Senior Editor of the Borrowed Book

“A delicious read. Don’t miss this special treat!”
Jill Elizabeth Nelson, award-winning author of Betrayal on the Border

“A fun, lively, romantic mystery that will keep you turning the pages long into the night.”
Cynthia Hickey, author of The Summer Meadows Mysteries

Bonus feature: 3 Delicious Recipes from April’s Kitchen

Book Takeaway:

It's not wise to jump to conclusions. Not everything is as it appears.

Why the author wrote this book:

Love Will Find a Way is the sequel to Thyme for Love. As I finished up Thyme for Love, I realized there was more to Marc and April's story that wasn't yet told, and more mysteries in and around Canoga Lake, Wisconsin for April to solve. And, I was curious to see what April would do if her dream of opening a catering business in an old Victorian came to be. Boy was I surprised :-)


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