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Surprised by Love in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

By Pamela S. Meyers


Already a summer retreat for Chicago's upper class, the small town of Lake Geneva, WI wants to promote their greatest asset--the crystal clear waters of Geneva Lake. A new recreational building is almost complete with plans for a grand opening set to take place soon. It is the height of the big-band era and the new ballroom is exactly the final touch the town needs to draw people to their special place.

Local girl, Meg Alden, works for the local paper and aspires to be a reporter--a job only given to men. When the reporter position opens up, she applies, only to be told that Jack Wallace, son of a Chicago newspaper magnate has already been hired. Jack is attracted to Meg and suggests they work together to uncover a local scandal. Working with the handsome man is tempting, but how can she work with the man who stole her job and makes her heart race?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes it may seem that the desires of our heart are never going to happen when all along God has His plans for things to fall into place in His due time.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was raised in Lake Geneva and learned to swim in the shadow of the Riviera building. I'd always dreamed of setting a story set in my hometown and when offered the opportunity I thought the story of the townspeople coming together during the Great Depression to build the building that still stands today and is an icon of the town and the lake. Author's Note: The book was originally published by Summerside Press under the title of Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, WI. The author was required to change the title due to copywrite. It is the same story with some edits and an added epilogue.


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