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No Safe Place (Witness Protection Book 1)

By H. L. Wegley


How much would you sacrifice to regain your honor?
After ex-football star, Matt Mathison, allows a career-ending injury to send him to the far country, the prodigal wants to come home and regain his honor. But Matt returns with an assassin on his trail. When he encounters a young woman with secrets, a woman he is drawn to and who seems to need him, he must choose between helping her or endangering her.
Miranda (Randi) Richards, a young meteorologist, takes a job in a remote area near the Olympic National Park to nurse her wounds after her parents brutally disowned her when she converted to Christianity at college. When Randi, a world-class, middle-distance runner literally runs into Matt on a park trail, she believes she's found someone who can help heal her heart. But she learns Matt has secrets that threaten both her heart and her life.
No Safe Place is an action-filled, romantic-suspense story that races from the scenic beaches of the Olympic National Park to the beauty of Lake Chelan in Central Washington State, a story of courage, honor, faith, forgiveness, and love.

Book Takeaway:

Whether in the far country, or merely a step out of the way, as long as you have life and breath, there is a way back home.

Why the author wrote this book:

I know people who haven't made it all the way back from the far country because of their guilt. No Safe Place is an entertaining story that shows prodigals what it looks like to come all the way back to God and, once again, experience His blessing.


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