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The Fairetellings Series: Books 1 through 3

By Kristen Reed


Discover a trio of enchanting novellas inspired by three beloved fairy tales: Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast.

The Jilted Bride: A Footnote to Cinderella’s Happiness

When the charming Prince Caspar abandons his bride, Demetria, at the altar to sweep Cinderella off her feet, the duke’s daughter is left humiliated and heartbroken. Desperate to lift their daughter’s spirits, Demetria’s parents introduce her to a new suitor from a foreign land. Jaded by being jilted, she searches for new meaning and healing with two unlikely companions.

Eirwen’s Dream: Inside Snow White’s Sleeping Mind

Three months after her father’s death, Princess Eirwen, affectionately nicknamed Snow White, is preparing to become the Queen of Talfryn. Unfortunately, as the princess rises in power and beauty and her love for Prince Roderick blossoms, envy drives her stepmother, Nerys, mad. The widow poisons her stepdaughter with an apple on the eve of her coronation, sending the princess into a dream like none she’s ever had before.

Ingrid’s Engagement: How A Beauty Tamed A Beast

When King Viggo marches through the kingdom of Schlagefilde, the Count of Anselm attempts to strike a deal that will protect his people. The King of Villriket becomes enthralled with a portrait of the Count’s oldest daughter, Ingrid, and vows that he will leave Anselm in peace if Edmund will allow him to marry Ingrid. Ingrid  hastily agrees to his terms and softens the vengeful ruler’s hard heart with her gentle spirit during their unforeseen engagement.


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