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Murder Is No Accident (The Hidden Springs Mysteries)

By A. H. Gabhart


Young Maggie Greene may be trespassing in the old, empty Victorian mansion on a quiet street in Hidden Springs, but all she wants is some private time in the magnificent tower room to write her stories. Certain she'll be in trouble if caught, she hides when a realtor shows up. But someone else is in the house too, someone even more worried about getting caught. When Maggie finds the realtor's body at the bottom of a flight of stairs and the other person gone, Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane is called in. He assumes the realtor's death is a tragic accident--until a second person is found dead in the house. When Maggie is threatened, Michael must catch the murderer before anyone else dies.Cozy mystery fans will love this third installment in The Hidden Springs Mysteries series from an author who knows how to make small-town America sweet, sentimental--and a little sinister.

Book Takeaway:

I hope readers will like my characters and especially be cheering for Maggie, my teenager who gets involved, quite by accident, in murderous events. Readers may have more sympathy for those who suffer dementia or those who are concerned about growing older. They might enjoy the romance between a couple of the main characters that has more play in this book. When all is said and done, I hope readers will be entertained and uplifted by my story.

Why the author wrote this book:

Since I have always enjoyed reading mysteries, I decided to see if I could come up with a mysterious story myself. That's how the Hidden Springs Mysteries came about. Murder Is No Accident follows Murder at the Courthouse and Murder Comes by Mail. I have the same set of great characters, some of them a little quirky as small town people can occasionally be, plus I've added a few new ones too. A big Victorian house in my town sparked the initial idea for this mystery when thinking about that old house started me thinking what if. And of course I wanted readers to want to know what next for my main characters.


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