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A Husband for Holly (Seven Suitors for Seven Sisters Book 4)

By Marion Ueckermann


Holly Blume loves decorating people’s homes, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to play house.Believing a house is not a home without a woman’s touch, there’s nothing more Reverend Christopher Stewart would like than to find a wife. What woman would consider him marriage material, though, with an aging widowed father to look after, especially one who suffers from Alzheimer’s?When Christopher arrives at his new parish, he discovers the church ladies have arranged a welcome surprise—an office makeover by congregant and interior designer Holly Blume. Impressed with Miss Blume’s work, Christopher decides to contract the talented lady to turn the rectory into a home. When they begin to clash more than their taste in color, will the revamp come to the same abrupt end as his only romantic relationship?Despite their differences, Holly resolves to finish the job of redesigning the Stewart home, while Christopher determines to re-form Holly’s heart.

Book Takeaway:

We’re all plagued with illnesses sometime during our lives. Sometimes we heal quick, but other times the process is slow and painful. Often there is no cure—healing never comes. Sicknesses can be hereditary, but most times they hit us out of the blue. And when they do—whether expected or unexpected—how do we cope? There’s only one way we can, only one place to run—the arms of our loving Savior, Jesus. He’s the great healer. He’s the sovereign God. He is Jehovah Rapha. When healing doesn’t come, when we say goodbye to loved ones after watching them suffer for no apparent reason, we can rest in the knowledge that He knows, He’s in control. There is something so amazing about placing every part of your life—whether your health, your career, your finances, your family—into those nail-scarred hands.


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