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Spring's Promise (Heart of Ireland Book 1)

By Marion Ueckermann


1972. Every day in Belfast, Northern Ireland, holds risk, especially for the mayor’s daughter. But Dr. Olivia O'Hare has a heart for people and chooses to work on the wrong side of a city where colors constantly clash. The orange and green of the Republicans pitted against the red and blue of those loyal to Britain. While they might share the common hue of white, it brings no peace.Caught between the Republicans and Loyalists’ conflict, blue-collar worker Ryann Doyle has to wonder if there’s life before death. The answer seems to be a resounding, ‘No’. His mother is dead, his father’s a drunk, and his younger brother, Declan, is steeped in the Provisional IRA. Then he crosses paths with Olivia O’Hare.After working four days straight, mopping up PIRA’s latest act of terror, Olivia is exhausted. All she wants is to go home and rest. But when she drives away from Royal Victoria Hospital, rest is the last thing Olivia gets.When Declan kidnaps the Lord Mayor of Belfast’s daughter, Ryann has to find a way to rescue the dark-haired beauty, though it means he must turn his back on his own flesh and blood for someone he just met.

Book Takeaway:

Conflict is something we all deal with in some form or another. Could be the small irritations that war inside of us, or greater issues such as cultural differences, race, or religion, like Ryann and Olivia face in Spring’s Promise.

Our world longs for peace, but unity can only be found in the Prince of Peace. If we belong to Jesus, His peace will control the way we think, the way feel, the way we act. And there’s something beyond amazing about this inexplicable peace of God!


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