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Melbourne Memories (Heart of Australia)

By Marion Ueckermann


Escaping his dangerous past, former British rock star Justin “The Phoenix” Taylor flees as far away from home as possible to Australia. A marked man with nothing left but his guitar and his talent, Justin is desperate to start over yet still live off the grid. Loneliness and the need to feel a connection to the London pastor who’d saved his life draws Justin to Ella’s Barista Art Coffee Shop—the famous and trendy Melbourne establishment belonging to Pastor Jim Anderson’s niece.Intrigued by the bearded stranger who looks vaguely familiar, Ella Anderson wearies of serving him his regular flat white espresso every morning with no more than a greeting for conversation. Ella decides to discover his secrets, even if it requires coaxing him with her elaborate latte art creations. And muffins.Justin gradually begins to open up to Ella but fears his past will collide with their future. When it does, Ella must decide whether they have a future at all.

Book Takeaway:

Defining moments. We all have them, and they can determine the rest of our lives. Sometimes they’re good—the best things that could’ve happened, the best decisions we could’ve made. But wrong choices made can set us on a path of destruction. They don’t have to, though. God can change everything. He can steer our life’s boat back to still waters, charter it to the right coordinates. All we have to do is hand over control of the rudder to Him and allow Him to steer the ship, to be our captain in rough seas and calm. Then we can breathe and remember, “God’s got this.” And there’s something so amazing about realizing that.


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