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A Match for Magnolia (Seven Suitors for Seven Sisters Book 1)

By Marion Ueckermann


Womanizer. Adulterer. Divorced. That is Lord Davis Rathbone’s history. His future? He vows to never marry or fall in love again—repeating his past mistakes, not worth the risk. Then he meets Magnolia Blume, and filling his days penning poetry no longer seems an alternative to channel his pent-up feelings. With God’s help, surely he can keep this rare treasure and make it work this time?Magnolia Blume’s life is perfect, except for one thing—Davis Rathbone is everything she’s not looking for in a man. He doesn’t strike her as one prone to the sentiments of family, or religion, but her judgments could be premature.Magnolia must look beyond the gossip, Davis’s past, and their differences to find her perfect match, because, although flawed, Davis has one redeeming quality—he is a man after God’s own heart.

Book Takeaway:

Often we’re quick to judge people based on what we’ve heard, what we’ve seen, what we know (or think we know). But people can change. People do change. All because of Jesus. That’s a lesson my heroine, Magnolia Blume, comes to learn. It’s a lesson I’m continually learning. Far too many times I’ve summed up people the first time I met them, only to find when I got to know them, that they’re not at all like the person I first thought they were. And I have to reprove myself for judging, for having wasted precious time viewing that person, who God loves with an everlasting love, in a negative light.

If you struggle with this, too, remember that there is something so amazing about acceptance!

Be blessed.


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