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Eirwen's Dream: Inside Snow White's Sleeping Mind (Fairetellings) (Volume 2)

By Kristen Reed


Three months after her father’s death, Princess Eirwen, affectionately nicknamed Snow White, is preparing to become the Queen of Talfryn. Unfortunately, as the princess rises in power and beauty and her love for Prince Roderick blossoms, envy drives her stepmother, Nerys, mad. The widow poisons her stepdaughter with an apple on the eve of her coronation, sending the princess into a dream like none she’s ever had before.

In Eirwen’s Dream: Inside Snow White’s Sleeping Mind, the fair princess sets off through the fantastical realm of Edwig with only a dwarf at her side to face trials and defeat a nefarious queen who acquires her power by bathing in the blood of virgins. However, what will save Eirwen from the poison running through her veins in the waking world, where there is no power in true love’s kiss?

Book Takeaway:

If you lean on Christ and seek/practice concepts such as truth, forgiveness, and faith, you will be equipped for anything the world throws at you.

Why the author wrote this book:

Shortly after writing The Jilted Bride, I wanted to write a new take on the Snow White fairytale with a Christian twist. That twist was inspired by the Armor of God passage from the book of Ephesians. Rather than focusing on Eirwen's real life peril, I decided to dive into her sleeping mind, where her faith is tested as she earns a mythical sword and suit of armor with which she must defeat an evil Siren. How would a woman of faith respond to a great enemy like the Siren and being poisoned by her own envious stepmother? You'll just have to read to find out.


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