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Sandra Robbins

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Sandra, a former teacher and principal in the Tennessee public schools, is now a full time writer. She is married to her college sweetheart, and they have four children and five grandchildren. As a child, Sandra accepted Jesus as her Savior and has depended on Him to guide her throughout her life.

While working as a principal, Sandra came in contact with many individuals who were so burdened with problems that they found it difficult to function in their every day lives. Her writing ministry grew out of the need for hope that she saw in the lives of those around her.

It is her prayer that God will use her words to plant seeds of hope in the lives of her readers. Her greatest desire is that many will come to know the peace she draws from her life verse Isaiah 40:31—But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Books by Author

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In a Killer's Sights (Smoky Mountain Secrets)

WITNESS IN JEOPARDY  When Gwen Harwell witnesses someone dumping a body into a Tennessee river, she knows she's the killer's new target. Far from home on a work assignment, she isn't sure where to turn—especially when her ex-husband appears. Five years ago, Dean Harwell's burdens from his police…

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Hunted (Firebrand Book 2)

After over one hundred documented missions as Gray Feather, the elusive military sniper, Colt Hanson is trying to put his former life behind him. However, a mission he carried out in Africa against the rebel leader of The Leopard Army still haunts his dreams because the shot that ended the life of the…

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Targeted (Firebrand Book 1)

For ten years Ash DeHan has been a member of The Firebrand Brotherhood, an elite group of ex-military individuals who hire out their services to various American government agencies needing assistance with delicate situations. With haunting images from a mission in South America keeping him awake nights,…

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Igniting the Flame (Firebrand Series)

Ash DeHan has come home to North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains after six years in the army expecting to work for a covert operation called Firebrand. Lainey Simpson has just returned to the small resort town after graduating from college hoping to settle down. They have little in common except they attended…

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Yuletide Fugitive Threat (Bounty Hunters)

PERILOUS REUNION The man who killed Mia Fletcher's husband is stalking her—he's dangerously intent on searching for something in her possession. But Mia doesn't know what he wants or how to stop him, so she turns to Lucas Knight, fugitive hunter extraordinaire—and her former college boyfriend.…

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Fugitive at Large (Bounty Hunters)

When bounty hunter Jessica Knight interrupts a convenience store robbery, walking away isn't an option. Especially when the robber-a violent fugitive wanted for murder-chooses Jessica as his next target. To make matters worse, the detective digging into the case is Ryan Spencer…her former partner.…

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Fugitive Trackdown

Nothing will stop Claire Walker from finding her father's killer. But a shy Southern librarian is no match for a murderer, and as a novice bounty hunter, she's quickly cornered. Fugitive recovery specialist Adam Knight arrives just in time to rescue Claire. But now she owes her life to the man who once…

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Christmas Comes to Bethlehem - Maine: The Annual Live Nativity Event Becomes a Backdrop for Four Modern Romances (Romancing America)

This year, spend Christmas in Bethlehem, Maine, as the town prepares for annual living nativities. Will stepping into the roles of Mary and Joseph help empty nesters David and Kate Walters discover the joy of becoming parents again unexpectedly? Can a young pastor and a pretty choir member convince…

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Trail of Secrets (Love Inspired Suspense\The Cold Case Files)

"CALL SETH." After a brutal attack, that's all that Callie Lattimer's uncle Dan, a former police officer, can say. Callie knows that Memphis cop Seth Dawtry will help, even if it means working with the woman who rejected him. The attack seems tied to a decades-old unsolved murder Dan could…

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Yuletide Jeopardy (Love Inspired Suspense\The Cold Case Files)

"LEAVE THE PAST ALONE…I'M WARNING YOU." No threats will deter TV anchorwoman Grace Kincaid from the promise she made to investigate her high school classmate's suspicious death. She'll unravel the secrets from the past—even if she has to join forces with her former fiancé, cold-case…

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Beyond These Hills (Smoky Mountain Dreams)

It's 1935, and Laurel Jackson fears the life she's always known is about to become a memory. The government is purchasing property to establish the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and nearly all the families in Cades Cove have decided to sell. Laurel is determined to save the land her family has…

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Dangerous Waters (Love Inspired Suspense)

SOME SECRETS ARE MEANT TO STAY BURIED Laura Webber is determined to uncover the truth behind her parents' murders. But after being interviewed about the unsolved case, she's abducted and dumped in the Mississippi River with a warning to stop digging up the past. With her life in jeopardy, she knows…

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A Lady's Choice (American Tapestries series)

One woman's struggle for voting rights places her in danger... and may cost her the love of her life. In 1916, Sarah Whittaker turns her back on Alex Taylor, the man she loves, to pursue her dream of working in the suffrage movement. Her choice takes her to the steps of the White House and to imprisonment…

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Mountain Homecoming

It's the summer of 1914, and Rani Martin has everything she needs--a home nestled in the valley, the Smoky Mountains peeking over the trees, parents who love her, and plenty of clay to shape into pottery. She has lots of ideas about the man she'll marry someday, but none of them could have prepared…

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Angel of the Cove

Anna Prentiss has never wanted to be anything but a nurse. Before she can start school in New York, however, her brother sends her to Cades Cove, deep in the Smoky Mountains, to spend a summer apprenticing to the local midwife. Anna is determined to prove herself and then head to the big city. But nothing…

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Fatal Disclosure

When a gunshot victim dies in front of Betsy Michaels, his last words make her a killer's next target. The undercover agent investigating the murder is none other than Mark Webber, the man who'd broken her heart. Now she has to trust him with her life. Mark feels duty bound to protect Betsy from the…

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Shattered Identity

Someone-with a very personal motive-has it out for Lisa Wade, Ocracoke Island's sheriff's dispatcher. She was viciously attacked, her home ransacked and one very precious possession was stolen. Deputy Scott Michaels plans to stay close until the culprit is caught. . .but that means involving Lisa in…

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Alabama Brides (Romancing America)

Alabama’s rich history comes alive through the eyes of three determined women, willing to take a leap of faith and risk all for love. Savannah learns that there’s more to home than a plot of land, as Dante searches for God’s answer to his dream. Tave’s love softens the heart of a wounded man,…

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Dangerous Reunion

A murderer on tiny, safe Ocracoke Island? Deputy Sheriff Kate Michaels doesn't want to believe it-until someone at the crime scene starts shooting at her. Then Nashville detective Brock Gentry shows up. Brock broke her heart years ago when he called off their engagement. Now, torn apart by a case, Brock…

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Blues Along the River

When Victoria Turner and Marcus Raines marry, they're both surprised to quickly discover they're not living happily ever after. Marcus continues to remember his late father's warnings about women betraying men, and he wonders if that is exactly what Victoria is doing when she refuses to abide by his…

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Dinner at the St. James

Tave Spencer has lost her heart to Daniel Luckett, but he is determined to run from their love. Knowing that he can't provide her the luxury-filled life Matthew Chandler offers, Daniel decides to leave town, telling Tave that someday she'll realize he is rights. She should marry Matthew and join the…

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Yuletide Defender

Danger threatened their Christmas. Is a vigilante responsible for the murders of Lake City gang members? According to reporter Rachel Long's anonymous source, yes. The goal is to trigger a gang war--and her investigations lead Rachel to the heart of the battlegrounds. Which is where she finds handsome…

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The Columns of Cottonwood

She grew up there; she lived through the war there; she lost her parents there. Even in its burned-out condition, it's still home to Savannah Carmichael. But now it belongs to a stranger-a foreigner!-who paid the back taxes on it and bought it right out from under her. Dante Rinaldi never expected that…

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Mountain Peril

According to an anonymous message, a young woman is going to be murdered in the North Carolina mountains. When a body is found, Danielle Tyler is shocked to learn its her student--the third person in her life to meet an untimely death. Is she next? From disturbing notes and roses left in her office…

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Final Warning

"Let's play a game. . ." One email, and radio talk show host C.J. Tanner becomes a pawn in a madman's game. Only by solving his riddles can she stop the murders. And only Mitch Harmon, her ex-fiance, can help her put an end to the killer's plans. Mitch knows he has to discover the killer's…

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Pedigreed Bloodlines

When Leigh Dennison's dear friend and champion show-dog breeder, Addie Jordan, is killed, Leigh goes on the hunt to sniff out the murderer. If only she could devote more time to her sleuthing. . .But Leigh, who has never been a dog lover, now finds herself as the owner of Addie's kennel, which houses…

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